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Biting Tongues - Live It (Reissue)
Biting Tongues - Live It

Biting Tongues - Live It (Reissue)
UK 2019 LP; Cache Cache: CACHE022LLP [Limited to 100 copies only] [Stitched Sleeve]
UK 2019 LP; Cache Cache: CACHE022LP

4:25 Even State (The Wave State) *
1:59 Forty-Two *
3:10 Reflector (Bootleg Studio) ***
4:56 Denture Beach (Relentless) ***
5:27 Forty-Three *
3:43 After The Click The Dialogue **
4:31 Or With Eyes Closed (Relentless) ***
3:51 Libreville ***
3:15 Read This ***
5:05 Unhook That Boy *

* - appears on original Live It cassette
** - from Northern Lights compilation cassette
*** - previously unreleased

Release date:

29th November 2019


All instruments, voices and tapes by :
Eddie Sherwood
Colin Seddon
Graham Massey
Howard Walmsley

Thanks to :- Stuart James, Roger Salmon, Tony Roberts

"Forty-Two", "Denture Beach", and "Forty-Three" are taken from a session 02/08/1981 at Relentless Studio. These recordings were made directly onto 2 track tape.

The others were recorded 8 track at Bootleg Studio 04/10/1981 and mixed 11/10/1981.

(To be confirmed)


From the same studio that brought us 48 Chairs (Gerry & The Holograms), The Fall and The Blue Orchids, while following the bona-fide bloodline between Danny And The Dressmakers, Toolshed and 808 State, the “difficult second album" by Biting Tongues (released on a minuscule cassette run by The Buzzcocks vanity label) has since become a near mythical artefact of Mancunian DIY. Cementing the path between the Absurd label’s kitchen sink synth assaults and Factory’s 99 informed downtown aspirations, Biting Tongues' bass-driven, pounding-sounding, schizo-skronking, squat-pop put the emergence of punk-funk under a blinding interrogation bulb then hid round the corner evading secret police. Pouring three letter words like ESG, DAF, PIL and ACR into Ken Hollings Scrabble bag would result in a unique form of wordy dictaphone agit-rap and closed-circuit commentary to Graham Massey’s overqualified punk ensemble, laying foundations of future Manc activity using uncertified sand and gravel tactics, only to be safety checked every 38 years, or thereabout. Live It, the lost Biting Tongues album, still breathes.

Including what the original members of this pioneering post-punk platoon unanimously consider their greatest work, Biting Tongues seldom-heard, second roll of the dice was presented to The Buzzcock’s own label New Hormones to coincide with full-length DIY debuts by Ludus, Dislocation Dance and a distinct tightening of pursestrings. Recorded on half-price studio time (in the midst of a multi-track repair session) and duped on to compact cassettes to keep pressing costs down, the album Live It even entirely bypassed the non-existent art-department before landing in the hands of a small readership of peculiar punk die-hards, instantly slipping into obscurity, evading official band future discographies and reaching an imaginary status in the history of unchartered Manc-manufactured messthetics. Now available, on vinyl, with two sleeve variations and extensive notes from Graham Massey and Ken Hollings, Live It is a welcome misplaced release and an essential addition to Finders Keepers' Cache-Cache catalog. Biting Tongues make wise heads!

releases November 29, 2019Biting Tongues - Live It (Reissue) - Limited - UK LP - Cover

Biting Tongues - Live It (Reissue) - Limited - UK LP - Cover
Biting Tongues - Live It (Reissue) - Standard - UK LP - Front
Biting Tongues - Live It (Reissue) - Standard - UK LP - Front